Over two decades ago Rabid Ivy and Rich Harkness came to know one another on a personal and musical level. Playing in several bands over the years with one another, they just couldn’t shake the original game plan they had; CIRCUIT. Many of the songs they have now were created then. So it’s like taking a walk in the past, but being in the digital age for the release of their upcoming full length, No Method to the Madness.


Rabid and Rich are kindred spirits when it comes to music, having performed for years together. First is their main love, CIRCUIT, but later in a hardcore band known as Odd Man Out. Spending almost a decade together in that band, they managed to make a name for themselves touring throughout Southeast New Mexico, even opening for Lizzy Borden along the way. That band came to an end though, and both men went their separate ways. Other musical commitments and personal reasons kept them apart until 2015 when they decided it was time to get CIRCUIT back up and running.


Influenced by the grunge of the early ‘90s, CIRCUIT has that old school soul that fans of Alice in Chains would appreciate. People can definitely hear that sound loud and clear when checking out their Sane EP. The title track being one many can relate to; the desire to keep sanity intact while being involved with a psychopathic partner. Another about failed relationships is “Dead End.” That theme resonates a lot for the pair as love can truly be, as Pat Benatar once said, a battlefield. Listeners will hear the dissatisfaction with love, as well as the feelings of being ostracized by society on their upcoming release, the Sane EP


While Rabid is fully committed to CIRCUIT gaining a nice footing with this EP release, he’s always on the musical move. Once the Sane EP is released and underway, he will start to work on another former project, InnerKill, as well as his solo project.


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  • Sane4:04
  • Nothing But Trouble3:14
  • Dead End3:46